What You Need to Know About Storage Containers?

A storage container is a unit or a shed that is made up of sturdy steel that is mainly used for storing documents, appliances, unused household furniture or items, books, and the like. It can also be used for storing other equipment, which you don’t think you need anymore. Transportation of goods, such as packages and even cars also makes use of storage containers. Nowadays, storage containers are not only used for these two purposes, but are now commonly used as houses, cafes, offices, libraries, and telecommunication centers.

Aside from being made up of sturdy steel, they are also wind- and waterproof. This makes it a good storage area for your most important belongings. Most of them are also equipped with a safety locking mechanism, hence you can leave them in the lawn and not be bothered by the fear that your items just might get lost. If you are planning to convert a storage container to a house, then there is nothing for you to really worry about, especially in terms of safety and security. Plain storage containers only have one portal of entry and exit, and that is, of course, a swinging door. However, in cases when you would need more ventilation, then you may opt to have some windows or a second door installed.

How big are storage containers? Storage containers can be as high as 20 to 45 ft., with a width of about 2.5 to 3 meters, and length of more than 10 meters, giving you enough space for many of your household items and furniture. The door aperture also differs in sizes depending upon the size of the container. A 20-ft. container has a door aperture of 2.3 m in width and 2.2 m in height, while a 40-ft. container has a door aperture of 2.3 m in width and 2.5 m in height. The weight of the storage container also differs. They range from 66,000 to 68,000 lbs. and can carry a net load of as much as 62,000 lbs. The prices of the container actually depend on the size and in your choice of renting or purchasing it. Most often, purchasing a container is more costly than renting it. However, in cases when you are going to rent it for a month-long period or more, then purchasing might be the more practical option.

Can you customize the storage container even if you are only going to rent it? The answer is yes, but only to a certain extent. Most, if not all, rental companies do not allow you to make great changes in the container because these containers are going to be used by other people as well, at least, after you use it. You cannot bore holes; install some other equipment, and the like. Most rental companies also offer on-site storage.

Storage containerSome companies, such as Moveable Cubicle, also offer customization of your unit. They can modify the floors, the walls, and even the doors. They can also set up some equipment inside and furnish them according to your needs. If you are going to use your storage container for an office, then you can have a vending machine set up. This saves you the hassle of going out and buying some coffee from another store.

The containers, usually about 3-4 days after purchase, are delivered by a truck to your house. However, you might need to secure some types of permit before you can actually place it within your compound. This actually depends upon the laws of your city or county; hence, consulting your city building department should also be included in the errands that you have to do. If you are renting a container, you will have to inspect the unit carefully upon delivery. Rental companies, however, refurbish these containers for the next customers.

The ABC’s of Military Coins

Military coins have been in circulation since World War 1. Still, only a handful of people are knowledgeable about them. Get to know the basic information about these special coins today.

A – stands for Allegiance

The origin of military coins is said to have started during World War I when a wealthy officer gave each member of his flying squadron a coin made of bronze before they were sent out to fight. One of the planes was brought down during the battle and the young pilot was captured by the Germans. The pilot was stripped of everything he own while he was in prison. His uniform was replaced with civilian clothes. All forms of identification were removed. The only thing that they let him keep was the military coin given to him, which he placed on a pouch and hung on his neck. Fortunately, he was able to escape the prion during a commotion. He was found by an ally. He was mistaken for a spy and since there was not anything to identify him with, he was given a sentenceof execution. The military coin saved his life when a French officer recognized the coin. Since then, military coins were distributed among military units to signify their allegiance to the particular unit. It has been a source of pride for the soldiers too to be identified and be part of a unit.

B – stands for Bravery

Military coinsMilitary coins were also used to appreciate and recognize outstanding performances and bravery of soldiers during a battle. They were added to the regular pay of the soldiers who performed very well in the fight. They were called as “bonus coins”.

There was also a secret handshake made to honor the brave soldiers during the 2nd Boer War. As these soldiers were just hired by the British people they were not allowed to receive any form of recognition. The medals were then given to the leaders of the commanding unit although most of the time, these leaders did not contribute anything of value to the battle. Therefore, some of the non-commissioned leaders felt that those soldiers were more deserving than the commanding leaders. What they would do was to get the medals secretly, cut the ribbon and then hand them over to the brave soldiers during a handshake.

Today, military coins are still awarded to recognize bravery and stellar performances of the soldiers. Usually, it is the President or the Secretary of Defense that would award the soldiers.

C- stands for Challenge

Unknown to many, military coins are also known as military challenge coins.Challenge coins were called by that name due to the tradition attached to it. These special coins are required to be in the person of the soldier at all times. When a soldier “challenged” another soldier, by showing a challenge coin, the challenged soldier should be able to produce his own coin. When he failed to do so, he was required to pay for a round of drinks to the one who challenged him and to the rest of the soldiers who had their challenge coins with them. However, if the challenge coin was produced, the one who challenged would be the one to pay for the drinks. This was done for camaraderie and fun only, and not to initiate any fight or conflict.

This tradition was taken from the German’s local tradition of slamming a pfennig checkor coin to a colleague. The procedure was the same and the penalty was a round of drinks too. It was also meant for fun for the Germans, as well.

Basically, when you know these three things, you are already considered as well informed about military coins.

Golf Equipment 101: Getting to Know Your Golf Bags

As you play your way along the golf course, none better than the golf bag can keep all your golf equipment safe. Like golf clubs, golf bags also come in different types that are meant to suit specific needs. By knowing the capabilities of each bag, you can identify which one would you rather get from golf equipment manufacturers to keep them safe and sound.

Staff bags or tour bags are known as the most luxurious of all the golf bags. Staff bags weight ten pounds but they are big, roomy and heavy that they require caddies to carry them for you. Staff bags can carry all fourteen of the golf club set as well as accessories in a golfer’s bucket list.

Stand bags are so named because of the feature unique to them-two retractable legs that allows the bag to stand upright or canted. Because of this feature, stand bags are a favorite of golfers who prefer walking the whole course.

Cart bags are also named as such because they are meant to be carried in a golf cart. They are slightly smaller than staff bags and easier to carry. What makes cart bags special is the easy access one can have to the bag’s pockets. Cart bags are also perfectly designed for riding carts.

Carry bags are usually made of plastic and nylon while other bags are made of heavier material like leather. Aside from the basic set of clubs, carry bags are also reliable storerooms for tees and balls. Carry bags have single or double straps that would allow you to carry them like backpacks.

Pencil Bags are light, skinny and ideal for a quick nine holes and for golfers of smaller size. These bags are lightweight and easy for travel but not exactly very weather-proof.

Any one of these golf bags is designed to meet your specific golfer needs and like other golf equipment, they too should be handled properly and with extra care. A golfer would not want to be distracted in his game by an inefficient or a damaged golf bag so you might as well take some measures for golf bag maintenance.

For one, you should always put down the bag gently to avoid damaging the frame. Remember that the constant banging from the bag’s heavy clubs will seriously damage the bag’s frame and club compartments.

Always check if your golf bags are securely tightened to your golf cart if you are riding one. This is to make sure that the bags would not move around or fall.

golf equipmentIt is also important to keep your golf bags dry at all times. You can do this by avoiding putting wet clothes or clubs because they can weaken the golf bags’ material. Golf club heads can also be prone to rusting if they get wet. One way to help the golf bags stay dry is by having an umbrella.

Golf towels should also be present in your golf bag if you do not have one yet. Rain covers and golf bag hoods are also helpful in protecting your golf equipment. Rain covers are usually transparent for you to see your equipment better. Hoods do a good job protecting the top so you might think about using them during stormy weather.

The key to choosing golf bag is one that comfortably meets your needs. Because you will most likely be carrying one of these bags as you walk or ride on your way to the golf course, then keeping them safe and dry is one step to making sure that your golf game goes rather well.

The Uses of Lanyards

People have found many different uses for lanyards besides holders of IDs. Over time, those have been used in schools, offices, events, conventions, and in other places.

The following are some of the many uses of lanyards:

• As promotional items – businesses are the ones who make use of the humble lanyard this way. During public events, they usually give away a lanyard that has their name and logo printed on it. It is a good way to advertise them.

• Schools – students have their school IDs hanging on a lanyard. Teachers also have uses for it, as a place to hang their keys, or, for gym teachers, for their whistles or stopwatches. School interest groups would also have a custom-made lanyard to promote and represent them around campus.

• Camping – in camping, lanyards can be used to secure the small tools that can easily be lost. This could be a whistle, a compass, or a Swiss knife, among others. It is truly a useful item for campers.

• Concerts – the concert officials and organizers would usually have a lanyard that gives them access to the backstage area. Security personnel would also have a lanyard.

• Garage – garage tools can be secures with a lanyard to have them more organized and so that they won’t easily be misplaced.

• Gadgets – some people hang their cell phones or MP3 players on a lanyard. This gives them quick access to their gadgets. Another common use is for cameras, especially when touring.

• At reunions – big reunions usually have lanyards as a giveaway. These are custom made with the date, venue, and for class reunions, the year of that batch. It makes for a great memorabilia for those who attended.

• Office – in the office, employees would have their IDs on a lanyard. This makes it easy for them to identify their fellow office mates. It could be color coded by department to better distinguish them.

• Sports events – teams would usually hand out their team lanyard to the fans. It is custom made with the team’s name, colors, and logo. This is a good way for the fans to show their support to their team and boost team spirit.

• Sightseeing – when sightseeing, people would have their digital cameras hanging from a lanyard. This makes it easier to get the camera when taking photos of scenery. The fast access is also helpful when the person needs to capture a moment quickly.

• Events – event officials would have their event ID on a lanyard which gives them special access to certain official-only areas of a venue.

• Conventions – companies usually give a lanyard to the people who have visited their booth. This way, they would be able to remember that company even after the convention.

• Places that need constant showing of an ID – some places, especially government buildings require a person to flash their IDs or have it on them at all times. Having the ID on a lanyard makes it easier to show it instead of taking it out from the pocket every now and then.

L-4Lanyards have truly come a long way over the years. There have been lots of creative ways to use it, whether as promotional items, memorabilia, or utility. Perhaps the most common use for it is for holding an ID card. This can be seen in schools, offices, hospitals, and other places. It is also a good way to represent a certain company, team, or event. For parties, reunions, or other big gatherings, it makes for great giveaways that serve as memorabilia for people to easily remember the event. Gadgets like cell phones and cameras are also usually hung from a lanyard for easy access. There are lots of uses for a lanyard, and there are probably even more ways to use it that people haven’t thought of yet.

Mister Systems 101

What usually comes to mind when you hear the word “mister” is the word “mist”. Often confused with “fog”, “mist” is a natural phenomenon caused by suspended water droplets in the atmosphere near the earth’s surface. A mister or a misting system is a type of machinery that creates “mist” by releasing billions of water droplets into the air. Though it acts more of a water-sprayer than a mist-maker, installing it at the right place and at the right time would surely give you results that would exceed your expectations.

A Mister is usually set up around a perimeter, usually an enclosure with a high temperature. When the machine produces sprays of water into the air, the present heat in the air would force the water droplets to evaporate. The high temperature would then decrease because of this reaction thereby making the enclosure cooler. The principles by which a misting system functions is simple: the higher the temperature, the more heat energy there is in the air; and the more heat energy there is, the higher amount of water can be absorbed and transformed from liquid to gas. This process is called evaporative cooling and is known as an effective way of lowering the temperature in swelteringly dry locations. A special type of misting system, known as a misting fan, can lower the temperature of the enclosed area faster because they circulate the air after cooling it.

A mister has a lot of uses. It is most commonly used in agriculture and green houses. As Global Warming continues to raise the world’s temperature, plants have been the first to suffer its effects. Just imagine all the wasted time, effort and capital whenever the sun completely defeats a field of healthy produce, leaving behind a dry and barren wasteland. A misting system could rescue the crops from an untimely death as it keeps the unbearable heat at bay with its cooling and moisturizing effect. It is also a good machine for humidification and is often installed in greenhouses. Since the greenhouse’s structure is closed off, it leaves little to no air circulation. This would cause the moisture in the air to increase, thereby making the atmosphere in the greenhouse humid.

Misting systems can also be used for animals. For ranchers, keeping a large number of farm animals in a stable or a barn has always posed a lot of problems. With their body heat mixing and the sun warming their roof, their shelter can become the equivalent of an oven. A misting system can help cool and regulate the temperature inside. In the zoo, exotic animals that live in tropical and humid climates have their enclosures designed to be as similar as possible to their natural habitat. The humid air can be reproduced by a misting system and regulated according to a particular animal’s needs by executing a process called Humidification. Humidification occurs when the moisture in the air or humidity of an area, increases because there is little to no air exchange happening. This usually happens inside structures that lack sufficient ventilation system.

Misting systems are also sometimes used in large storage areas such as warehouses especially when the products stored spoil easily. Dairy is a good example of such products. Vegetables, particularly the leafy greens, are another type of produce that need sufficient moisture to survive. As most of them are grown in far-flung areas, they need to survive and stay fresh through long drives to the cities where they are sold. A misting system would prove its worth during such times, as rather than just ensure that the crops are thriving they also ensure that the produce would arrive at its destination as fresh as when it was harvested.

Auramist’s 30” mister is designed specifically for larger areas such as restaurants, factories, and warehouses.

Can Live Chat Service Help your Business?

A wise and intelligent business owner should always take advantage of the things that can help make the business grow and live chat service can help the business flourish. There are businessmen who welcome new things with open arms and there are also some who prefer the traditional way. The question is will the business grow if the owner refuses to embrace new techniques in running it?

If you are one of those business owners who stick with the traditional way of running your business, then expect your competitors to leave you behind. While you are contemplating whether to get a chat support for your business, your competitors are already reaping the benefits of chat support. You need to keep up with the times and employ the services of an online support, but you might ask, how can live chat help your business?

The Valuable Help of a Chat Support

live chatIf a client feels like he or she is not important to your business, then that client might take his or her business elsewhere. Expect the client to go to your competitor. When does a client feel neglected? Most of the time, it’s when no one was there to answer a simple query.

If you own a business, then you know that providing a business website is a must nowadays. Customers can go to your website for immediate clarifications regarding their concerns. However, owning a website is not enough. You need to make sure that someone will be able to extend a helping hand at that instance, and that is where a live chat service can be helpful.

The chat facility intends to give a 24-hour service for the clients. A representative can answer the questions and someone should always man it properly to serve its purpose well. You can assign your own employee to man the facility or you can ask the provider to include the manning. If you have such feature in your site, then it is possible that your business may even go global.

Businesses with connections all over the world are enjoying the full benefits of chat support. They can answer the clients’ call any time of the day wherever their clients may be. Your business can also experience the same thing with the help of a chat service.

Which can Bring Home the Bacon, Advertising or Chat Support?

Advertising costs money no matter what form you choose. In business, the one who can satisfy the client always wins. It is good to have some advertisements for your business, but you need to focus more on providing better services to your clients. Your good service that satisfied the client can bring forth more clients. Happy clients will brag the experience they had when they visited your site. They will begin recommending your business to their friends, family, and acquaintances.

A well maintained chat facility is one of the reasons why clients keep coming back (and bringing more people) to your site. Most people today do their shopping online. If a client needs to ask something, then it is good that a chat representative is always there to answer the queries.

Advertisement is one of the methods to inform clients about the existence of your business even if you only cater online. But, you need to make sure that the potential clients will have a great experience when they visited your site. You need to make certain that all the questions will be answered and that is where your chat support facility will come in handy. There are times (and it always happens) when a chat support converts a visit into a sale. The advertisement may have aroused the curiosity of the client, but the chat support converts a visit into a sale in an instant.

Live chat can take your business to the next level, aren’t you curious how fast?

4 Myths about SEO Firms: The Truth about Hiring an SEO Company

Many businesses nowadays need to be visible online, and to do so they would need to have websites which are optimized and well managed. While business owners could maintain their own websites, they could be wasting their time for a task that could be done by others who are more knowledgeable in SEO. By hiring a good SEO company, you can save time and concentrate other matters concerning your business. Also, your website could fare better and rank higher in search engines.

Despite the potential benefits of using the services of a good SEO firm, there are a number of misconceptions about SEO companies. Here are some myths about SEO companies, the reasons why these ideas are false as well as the benefits and things t to keep in mind in choosing an SEO firm.

Myth 1: The services of SEO firms can’t benefit a small business.

SEO is a cheap way forSEO Company firms to advertise their business. In fact, small businesses are among the main beneficiaries of this new way of advertising. SEO is a necessary means for a small business to get ahead. By using the expertise of a local SEO company, a small business could have a webpage that would rank competitively in its local SEO. This means better exposure to potential clients, improved chances to stay ahead of local competitors and potentially better cash flow as well.

Myth 2: SEO Firms are scammers.

While it is true that there are some SEO firms whose goal is to make excessive profits from their clients, there are a number of honest SEO companies whose top priority is to help their clients achieve their business goals. In order for business owners to hire SEO firms that they could trust, they should search for testimonials from previous clients and ask such firms several questions regarding their track record and policy. By carefully examining the competency of a company’s team and the manner they treat clients, you would be able to determine if their intention is to extract money from you or to help you market your business online.

Myth 3: SEO firms endorsed by Google have the edge.

There is no such thing as Google endorsed SEO companies. Although some marketers working for a professional SEO company could have passed the Google certification exam, the company that they are working for is not favored by Google. Search engine sites like Google have their own algorithm systems which rank websites. And these systems have different mechanisms for their rankings. So if a company boasts that Google endorsed it, walk away. That company would most likely be lying.

Myth 4: If the SEO firm focuses mainly on keywords it will do well.

It is not certain that a website filled with a lot of keywords would do great on search engine pages. While keywords are important in SEO, search engines do not solely rank websites by the number of keywords. Search engines also consider other factors such as the content quality and the strategic links built into the website.

Also, try to determine if the company includes social media in its overall online marketing strategy. Social media presence sends a sign to Google that your website and the business it represents are real. Active interaction on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Google plus would show search engines that the business website has a broad audience.

Likewise, consider other aspects of a website such as its layout and design as well as its appeal on visitors. Ask the staff of the SEO company if you could view the previous websites that they managed. Doing so will give you an idea if they can build attractive websites that can turn visitors into actual customers.

Myth 5: A big SEO firm is always the best choice.

Although the size of a firm might be a testament to its success, a big firm might not necessarily be the right firm for you. What matters is that the firm can deliver the necessary services for its customers and handle its clients well.

There are a number of myths surrounding SEO firms as SEO itself is relatively new. Nevertheless, if you are able to choose the right SEO company, your business would grow faster as a strategized and optimized website can attract a lot of visitors and turn them into loyal customers.

Author Bio:

ExplodeSEO is a New York based SEO Company specializing in SEO Services such as traditional SEO, risk free SEO, Internet marketing Consulting, Local Optimization and Reputation Management services.

How the SEO Industry Works: Some Important Things to Take Note Of

The search engine optimization (SEO) industry has been continuously on the rise for the past few years. The vast majority of the websites on the internet, and even internet users in the know, understand how important and valuable SEO operations are for a website.

Despite its widespread SEO Industryadoption, some people are still out of the loop on how the SEO industry operates. Most of those who have some vague idea are confused as a result of all the misinformation and contradictions that they find on the internet. The internet is full of so many websites full of so much information that, sometimes, it can get difficult to separate what is fact from fiction.

There are however, certain things about SEO operations and the industry that most people are unaware of. Those who want to get a bigger and better picture of SEO operations and the industry better keep reading.

The price of SEO services is variable

One of the biggest concerns people have with SEO services, or any service or good for that matter, is the price that they have to pay. There is a difference between price and value. Price is that quantifiable amount of money that people pay in exchange for some product or service. Value is what people get in exchange for the price that they pay.

The issue with SEO services is that the price can vary greatly from one SEO company to another. Not all SEO services operate the same way. Some SEO companies are better while others are worse. This is because each SEO company has its own operational guidelines. Sure there are similarities between them all, common denominators so to speak. However, saying that they are all the same would be like saying each person on the planet is the same because they all have eyes. That may well be true but everyone has a different set of eyes unique to their own body.

Another complication that tends to exacerbate price variability is the websites themselves. Not all websites are the same. Some websites already have a high profile, some do not, and other websites are big, while others are small and so on. SEO campaigns are tailor made for each website. They are made to address the particular needs of each client. This is why no standardized price can be given for an SEO campaign.

SEO is not garnish

There are some people who are foolish enough, at least in this day and age, to think that SEO operations can be dispensed with. They think that it is just some form of garnish to a website when in fact it is far from the truth.

SEO operations reach to the very core of the website. It is about redesigning and streamlining the website to improve visibility for search engine crawlers, programs search engines use to look for websites, and enhance user experience.

SEO is not just some gimmick that marketers employ to improve their online business’ credibility. It is a worthwhile investment that produces long term and concrete results.

The two main aspects of SEO operations

There are basically two sides to SEO operations. The one side has to deal with the technical aspects of SEO. This side has something to do with the website’s URL syntax, website structure, web design, and so much more. This is the part that requires a certain degree of technical expertise and experience.

The other side is just, if not more, important than the technical aspect. The other element of SEO operations is related to the content. This is the very meat of SEO operations. Many website articles or SEO companies that discuss their services will often use the phrase “content is king” and with good reason. Search engines rank the websites on their search engine result pages (SERP) based on the website’s content. A high rank on an SERP is important as it results in increased visibility and improved website performance.